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Lori L. Robinett is a writer of cozy mysteries, thrillers, and contemporary western romance. She also mentors those who want to learn to write, and offers her bestselling course, Blank to 50K, online.

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About Lori L. Robinett

Lori lives in rural Missouri with her husband of 25+ years on a small hobby farm, maintained for the comfort and enjoyment of their Beagle, Snorkie, and two rescue cats.

In her spare time, Lori can often be found reading, writing, or papercrafting. Her guilty pleasure is TV, especially Star Trek, Supernatural, or Prison Break.


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The best place to start is to jump in. Check out Lori’s online course, Blank to 50K.


There’s no substitute for a professional, but there are other ways to get your work as polished as possible.


Write the best book you possibly can, edit it to perfection, and then you’re ready to market it.


Amazon Customer

Diamond Hard

Great lead-in to a solid, well-written story about a city girl gone country, and the man who tames her heart.

The News Gazette

Denim & Diamonds

Debut novelist Lori Robinett has penned a sweet and intriguing romance with “Denim and Diamonds.” In the novel, she explores what the word family really means and city life versus country life, as well as loyalty, love, romance . .

Amazon Customer

The First TIme

What a surprise! The fitting ending to a story about a woman sunk in despair about her life and her life choices.

Amazon Customer

Fatal Impulse

Can’t wait till next book. Just finished reading and it kept me in suspense till the last words. Excellent read. Will be reading more by Lori Robinett.