Welcome to a new series – Monday Murders! Pop by every week for <dun, dun, dun> MURDER! I’ll either feature a book review of a mystery I enjoyed, or I’ll share my insights into a true crime story that has caught my attention. This week, I’m sharing the review of Joanne Fluke’s Caramel Pecan Roll Murder. Read on for the review . . .

I was initially drawn to this series by the bright covers. I picked this book up, knowing it was not the first book in the series, but confident I could find my way around the story – and I was right! To my delight, the story was set at the Lake Eden Inn during a fishing tournament. The amateur sleuth is Hannah, the owner of the Cookie Jar, who is asked to step in for the pastry chef at the Inn.

The star of the fishing tournament is Sonny, the star of a fishing program who is better with the ladies than the fish. At least in his own mind. When Hannah and her boyfriend (of sorts) discover Sonny has been murdered, Hannah puts on her thinking cap and decides to help the authorities find the killer.

A highlight of this series is the inclusion of recipes that are featured in the story. I am NOT a baker by any means, but a few of these recipes even caught my attention.

The mystery was interesting, and I appreciated the fact that we were right alongside Hannah as she questioned various suspects and began putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

I recommend this book, and will certainly read more in this series. Who knows, I might even try making a pan of Caramel Pecan Rolls!

Monday Murders! Caramel Pecan Roll Murder by Joanna Fluke

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