A Dark and Stormy Murder (A Writer's Apprentice Mystery Book 1) by [Julia Buckley]



A Dark and Stormy Murder by Julia Buckley


Welcome to Monday Murders! This last week, I listened to the audiobook of A DArk and Stormy Murder by Julia Buckley. This is the first in a new series called the Writer’s Apprentice.
Lena London found herself living the dream, thanks to serendipity. Her best friend moved to Blue Lake, Indiana and joined a knitting club. Lena’s favorite author, Camilla Graham happened to be a member of that club. Camilla needed an assistant and Lena needed a job. When Lena stumbled upon a dead body, the writing gig took a back seat to real life drama. Camilla’s home seemed to be at the center of the mystery. Everyone Lena met seemed to want to know more about Graham House. Things took a personal turn when the grouchy neighbor turned out to be an attractive, wealthy man, which would’ve been perfect had he not been suspected for the murder of his wife.
Lena began sleuthing in an effort to determine who killed the young man she discovered on the beach, and Camilla joined in, enjoying the real life mystery. Together, the two of them put the pieces together and help the handsome cop figure it out.


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An aspiring suspense novelist lands in the middle of a real crime in the first Writer’s Apprentice mystery.

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Monday Murders: A Dark and Stormy Murder by Julia Buckley

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