Monday Murders: The Fog Ladies by Susan McCormick

The first in the series, introducing the residents of an older apartment building in San Francisco. Most of the residents are elderly, but a few younger folks, including a pilot and a medical intern also live there. The book starts off strong, with one of the older residents balancing atop a bar stool to clean bugs out of a light fixture . . . then someone knocks her down. Just before she goes down, she sees her attacker and comments that Sarah saw him/her. Sarah, the medical intern, is so caught up with her job she scarcely has time to sleep, much less assist the residents in their investigations. Frankly, though, the residents are relatively good at figuring it out themselves. The group of women call themselves the Fog Ladies, and when their numbers begin dwindling, they raise the alarm.

If you like cozy mysteries and have an affinity for San Francisco, you might enjoy this book.


Monday Murders: The Fog Ladies by Susan McCormick
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