Small Town Romance

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Diamond Hard



A death. An affair. An opportunity. In a flash, Beth's professional life and personal life are destroyed. Everything she ever cared about, everything she is is ripped away from her. In a matter of hours, her career, her love, and her family are gone. Betrayed and embarrassed, she yearns for a fresh start. Fate hands her an opportunity - or an obligation? Will she accept the challenge, even though it means leaving everything she knows behind? You'll love this book If you like Jodi Thomas, Pamela Kelly, Hanna Hart, and Cora Seton. Described as "Haunting. Tragic. Twisted. Unpredictable."

Denim & Diamonds



Beth Jameson doesn’t know a cutting horse from a carousel horse. Put her in a courtroom, and she's in her element. But when Beth's world crumbles around her, she welcomes a second chance at happiness when when her father dies and leaves her his horse ranch, the Diamond J. True to form, the gift comes with strings attached – she has to be successful in her first year, or she loses her inheritance . . . All of it.