Finding Clarity

Second chance Contemporary western Friends to lovers Second chances. Home. Love. Can the sting of a failed marriage be soothed by the familiarity of home? Lark Gates leaves her ex-husband in the rearview mirror, retreating to the rolling hills of the horse ranch where she grew up. Humiliated and alone, she hopes to use her summer break from teaching to heal. Ryker Stewart returns to Wilder to take over the local vet clinic, and focuses on proving to everyone that he’s more than just a washed-up former quarterback. He pours all of his energy into building his business. A relationship is a luxury he can’t afford. When Ryker responds to an urgent call about a mare in a desperate situation, he works shoulder-to-shoulder with a beautiful stranger to save the mare and her baby. Together, they pull the foal, tumbling to the ground with the effort. Ryker is shocked when he realizes the woman at his side was the pig-tailed brat who ruined his teenage years, all grown up with long wavy hair spilling over her shoulders and plenty of curves. Lark looks at the muscled cowboy and remembers the star athlete who wouldn’t give her the time of day when they were growing up. Drawn together by the foal they delivered, the two struggle to reconcile the feelings they had as teenagers with the urges and desires they feel today. Will Lark find the solitude she seeks, or will Ryker challenge her to envision a whole new future at the Diamond J? This book will appeal to fans of Cora Seton, Susan Mallery, and Jodi Thomas. Though it’s part of the Diamond J series, it can be read as a standalone.

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