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I took a break from reading over the holiday season to focus on the holidays, but just before that, I was reading (okay, listening to the audiobook) The Fourth Wing. Then, as you may know, right after the holidays, I came down with Covid and Influenza B. I’m starting to feel human again and am anxious to get back to the fictional world.

But what I’ve found is that I just don’t care about those in the Fourth Wing. I remember the premise and sort of what was going on in the book (dragons! cool military school for teens!), but for the life of me, I can’t bring myself to get back into the story. Fantasy isn’t generally my genre of choice, so maybe the book isn’t for me.

But I abhor not finishing a book. It feels so . . . wrong.

What about you? If you don’t care about a book, do you keep reading? Or is it okay to mark it a DNF and move on?

As a reminder, I’m anxiously awaiting the final proofed version of my manuscript, Sweet Secrets. Hopefully I’ll have a cover to share with you soon, so stay tuned!


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