A Trip with Trouble is the second in the Mountain Lodge Mystery series by Diane Kelly. I thoroughly enjoyed the first, so was excited to read the next.

Visiting the Lodge with the Dangerous Curves was a fun way to pass the time. Misty, the lodge’s owner, has the life I would love to lead. She got a divorce (the easiest divorce in the history of divorces) and started a new life in the mountains of North Carolina. This cozy mystery series has the perfect setup, because we have the returning characters: Misty, the aforementioned lodge owner, Rocky, the maintenance man & love interest, plus Brynn, the housekeeper (I LOVE that she is Wiccan) and Patti, the owner of the Greasy Griddle. This time, a women’s motorcycle group visits North Carolina to view the fall foliage. The group of women is varied, ranging from the matriarch of the group to a brash young woman who is new to the group. The mystery is good – and it kept me guessing until the end. Overall, if you like cozy mysteries, I recommend this book.

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